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Funded Projects

Implementing Organization Project Title
University of Illinois Phase 1 Evaluating a Multi-Modal Community Nutrition Education Model within SNAP-Ed and EFNEP
University of Missouri Eat Smart In Parks: Youth Mapping and Photovoice to Inform Healthy Food Environments
Update 9/22/16 – As part of Eat Smart in Parks (ESIP; a nutrition environment initiative named a promising practice by SNAP-Ed), this photovoice project helps to address the issues and needs identified by youth in urban and rural parks in Missouri. Four photovoice projects (2 urban and 2 rural) with youth ages 10-17 were conducted in community centers and afterschool programs. Youth took photos, wrote captions, and as a group identified overall themes they wished to address with the community. Photos and themes were shared with the wider community at exhibition gallery events. Surveys were conducted with the participating youth before and after the photovoice project to assess youth’s perceptions of the environment, leadership and empowerment; additional surveys with community members were conducted at the gallery events. Our data collection is complete, and we are currently analyzing the data and writing reports/manuscripts.
University of Illinois Phase 2 Evaluating a Multi-Modal Community Nutrition Education Model within SNAP-Ed and EFNEP in Illinois and Michigan
Update 9/22/16 – We are in the 2nd phase of the project for the participant tracking, with 113 out of the original 303 participants agreeing to continue on until Spring 2017. We have finished the first round of collection for the Social Network Analysis surveys in Illinois (159 agencies total throughout 5 counties), and are working on the SNA in 6 counties in Michigan. The SNA will be completed in all Michigan counties by mid-October. Finally, we are finishing up the environmental assessments (NAPSACC in early childcare settings, Smarter Lunchroom Assessments in K-12 schools, and a food pantry assessment in emergency food locations) in the 5 Illinois counties.
Michigan State University Extension Influence of PSE on Dietary Quality at Diverse Low-Income Childcare Settings
Update 9/22/16 – Michigan State University Extension has trained 30 nutrition educators from Michigan Kidney Foundation and MSU Extension to use the NAP SACC assessment and provide nutrition education to home childcare providers focused on policy, system and environmental best practices related to fruits and vegetables. Four research assistants have been trained to use the diet estimation method by Ball and colleagues to estimate food served and consumed in childcare homes. Twenty-five childcare homes have been randomized and recruited into the study with 19 childcare homes completing the pre-observation visit for the pre/post design.
Purdue A Longitudinal Randomized and Controlled Evaluation of the Integrated Impact of SNAP-Ed on Food Security and Obesity Prevention in Rural and Urban Counties
Update 9/22/16 – We are a bit ahead of our timeline and have completed: data acquisition, cleaning, construction of variables, checking assumptions, baseline comparative analysis, statistical modeling and determining the best model. We are currently working on interpreting the results, applying the results, writing a manuscript to disseminate the results, and completing any additional follow-up analysis.
Purdue Survey Development of ‘Participant Survey of PSE’
Ohio State University Ohio SNAP-Ed in collaboration with the Ohio State University Summer Weight and Environmental Assessment Trial (SWEAT)
Update 9/22/16 – IRB approval has been received at both OSU and PU. Last week (at OSU), we discussed the option with IRB of non-traditional type of gaining parent permission (i.e., opt out) to boost our ‘n’. We have meetings scheduled with the participating schools/principals (discuss recruitment plans, baseline data collection). In addition, we are making preparations to launch pilot testing (meaning, face validity testing (certain surveys) and testing of data collection methods). Conference call for teams will be scheduled soon and then we will re-engage with our respective Extension offices.
Michigan State University Extension Social Support Analysis and SNAP-Ed Multi-State Pilot with Illinois